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• We established The Quality Management System in 2006 according to the ISO 9001: 2000 Standards and we still activating this system. We apply the system principals on both all materials we use in production and on the production methods. This is for keeping the productions’ quality and the safety ont he first row and for continuing our respectfull image both in domestic and abroad.
• Our productions all have got the European Quality Sertificate ECE R 67-01 and bear all the necessary conditions.
• The necessary quality control processes are activated in all stages from materials order up to the  delivery of the productions.
• We do not use any materials except the LPG Tube Steel sheets which have the DIN EN 10120 quality certificate and produced by T.R. Erdemir Steel factories.
• The colorets of the tanks are made of wraughed steel and don’t contain the leaking risk.
• During the production stages the weldings are X-Ray controlled.
• The tanks are %100 hidrostatic pressure tested, if a tank fails in test it is eradicated.
• The production function tests and the safety tests are % 100 applied during the production period on  the conversing equipments.

Our main principal is the “customers satisfaction” and to develop our firm.
To be succesful in these principals:

• We should make our employees to work with a team understanding and do the work consciously and loving it.
• Our suppliers should give importance to the quality.
• We should contribute to keep the environment well.
• We should make our quality continual and develop it.
• We should give importance to our employees.